Adeola Olumide PidanAdeola Olumide Pidan is a lover of travel. Born in Nigeria, Pidan believes that travel is a great way to learn about different cultures and individuals around the world. He jumps at every opportunity to do so and believes it has greatly enriched his life. In addition to visiting different places all around the world, Adeola has lived in many locations as well.

Adeola Olumide Pidan moved to Canada in 2002. He enjoyed the cold weather and unique culture there until 2007 when he moved to the U.S., where he would then live until 2013. These places of residence represent only a small portion of the countries that Pidan has seen and experienced. He has been to about 20 countries, each one with its own unique charm. Pidan truly enjoys immersing himself in the cultures of other countries and admires the diversity that his experiences have shown him. He is very grateful that he has been given the opportunity to travel to so many amazing places.

Adeola has learned a lot about different people and cultures, and has also picked up quite a few languages. Pidan speaks English, Spanish, a little bit of Russian, and a Nigerian language called Yoruba. Adeola truly appreciates the beauty in the differences in people. He thinks it is amazing how people can look alike yet be so different. Another part of his love for travel is that he loves nature. He loves seeing beautiful mountains and waterfalls around the world. He also has a great appreciation for architecture.

Some cities that Adeola Olumide Pidan has especially enjoyed visiting include London, New York and Amsterdam. Pidan was in the Cayman Islands for a year between 2005 and 2006. Adeola fell in love with the Cayman Islands during this time there and refers to this as his favorite place he has ever travelled. He now lives in the Netherlands where he is completing his general MBA program, which he is expecting to finish in January. He balances a job and his studies quite well.

Adeola Olumide Pidan likes to travel by himself or with friends. His travels have greatly enriched his outlook on the world. Whether it is near or far, Pidan is sure to be travelling and learning something new.