Beautiful Destinations To Explore

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When you are searching and trying to decide on a destination for the summer, it can become complicated. Finding the perfect place to explore, is a task that most people don’t enjoy doing because of the all the options. There are a variety of destinations in the world, that would be great for exploring. Picking the perfect destination is vital to making this adventure a successful trip.


When you’re choosing the destination, it depends on the type of environment you’re trying to explore. For example, you may want to explore a rainforest, national park, tropical island and more. To help you narrow down some options, I have created a list that could serve you and friends that may be looking to find their next destination.


Italy’s Cinque Terre


This gorgeous island in Italy consists of five small villages. These villages are Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. While you’re visiting Cinque Terre, you can explore each of these villages by taking a ferry, local train or by foot. Cinque Terre is a major attraction for tourists, so it’s always crowded during the spring and summer. You can visit during the winter but due to the weather you’ll end up indoors for most of the time. Unfortunately, people are not allowed to drive cars because it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although you’re not able to drive around the island, you can walk through the different villages to capture the beauty and appreciate the scenery.


2)  Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah


Bryce Canyon is another remarkable place to visit for beautiful scenery. Every year, Bryce Canyon manages to have over 1.5 million people visit. You could enjoy a variety of activities, hiking, horseback riding, biking and ATV tours while you’re exploring this fantastic place.  Also, during the winter, you can indulge in Cross-country skiing and Sleigh Rides. After enjoying the fun activities, you can kick-back and relax in hotels located in the Canyon and enjoy the fabulous food prepared at the restaurants.


3) Thailand’s Koh Poda Island


A magnificent destination to travel to for relaxation in the sun. Tourist that have travelled to Thailand, recommends making it to the Koh Poda Island. This island is known for its white sand and clear blue water. While enjoying the beach, you can have some fun and kayak around the other small islands that surround the main island. After enjoying the island activities, you can appreciate the night-life at the island restaurants, with tasteful food and good music for you to enjoy.


These are just three destinations you can look into visiting this year or in the future. I have also created a SlideShare that provides more places you could explore.

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