Best Apps for Traveling


Being able to go to different places around the world is one of the most freeing feelings imaginable. Whether you are stimulated by adventures in foreign countries, or would simply prefer a relaxing time away in a cabin on a lake, chances are you have a constant hankering to get away. Being in an unfamiliar location can be wonderful, but getting to said place is often stressful. Additionally, you want to find a way to get around in a new place and document your journey in as efficient a manner as possible. Thankfully, cell phone applications are here to help make our journeys more smooth. Below, I have listed some of the most helpful applications for any travel excursion.


If you are used to traveling on a budget, this application will become your go-to for low plane ticket prices. It uses an algorithm to comb through a large number of airfare prices daily, and alerts you when prices are at their lowest.


It is no secret how difficult keeping track of money is while you’re traveling. Currency was created to make the process easier. This application keeps track of how much money you have spent in all kinds of different currencies. It will allow for budgeting on vacation, with less advertisements than the typical finance application.


Whenever anyone books a vacation, he or she is faced with numerous emails with plane tickets, hotel reservations, rental car information, and more. It is easy to lose something in the barrage. TripIt will take all of the emails with reservation information and format their contents into a comprehensive travel itinerary, adding events to your calendar as they arise.

Gas Buddy

Not all trips involve plane travel. If you are traveling a shorter distance, you may just be driving to your destination. If that is the case, Gas Buddy will become your new best friend. This application keeps track of where you are, and alerts you to the gas station with the lowest prices nearest to you.


This application is for those who do not like to act like tourists in a foreign place. If the regular visitor sights do not appeal to you, Localeur will help you find activities that suit your interests. This application holds recommendations from locals, telling people the best places to go for certain cuisine, quirky bars, and more.


This website is a no-brainer, no matter your destination. On it, you can rent out homes, rooms in people’s homes, apartments, or even couches on which to sleep, depending on the constraints of your budget. It is generally less expensive than staying in a hotel, and adds some local wisdom and charm to your trip.
For more tips on applications to download for travel, check out Forbes and Time.